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White Composite Fillings

White composite fillings are the modern way at filling cavities in teeth. Cavities (also known as caries) occur when plaque builds up on our teeth and starts to cause tooth decay. Over time the plaque will eat away at the tooth and will cause small pockets of holes. This can further lead to complications as the decay can start to eat away at the pulp (center of the tooth, where the nerve is) of the tooth and this can then start to cause severe tooth ache. In these severe instances, a root canal may be required to save the tooth (clearing out the decay).

We always strive to save our patients natural teeth as they will always be the best set that you will ever get. Modern advances in dentistry does mean replacement teeth are very good at acting like natural teeth, but they will always be considered as a foreign body. We only extract teeth as a last resort.

How Do White Fillings Work?

By filling up the cavity with a white fillings, we will be stopping bacteria from getting into the tooth and causing any further harm. Initial cavities will be hard to spot by a patient as they may not cause any pain. Sensitivity can often be noticed, but it can still be hard for a patient to pinpoint the root cause. This is why we recommend regular visits to your dentist so we can spot the early signs of tooth decay and prevent any further issues from arising.

How Can I prevent Cavities?

Cavities are closely linked with having a poor oral hygiene habit and also to the foods and drinks we eat on a regular basis. Sugary sweets and drinks are some of the worst culprits of tooth decay. When we eat or drink them, they leave a sugary film over our teeth which produces an acid that actively eats away at our teeth. If you do have a sugar fix, we recommend to rinse your mouth out with water to take the sugar off your teeth, or even better, to brush your teeth there and then.

Over time our teeth will naturally come into contact with bacteria and acid which will attack our teeth, but our lifestyle choices can determine how quick this occurs.

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