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Root Canals

At MJ Warren Dental Practice we always strive to protect your natural teeth for as long as possible. We know they are the best set you will ever have, and even though dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds, restorations will never be a good as a natural set of teeth.

That being said, over time things can occur in our mouth which may jeopardize the health of our natural teeth. We will always aim to educate our patients on best practices when it comes to oral hygiene so we can protect our teeth for a long time, and we also recommend regular visits to the dentist so we can pick up early warning signs.

Why May I Need A Root Canal?

Root canals are used on teeth that have been decayed to the core (pulp/nerve of the tooth). When cavities appear in our teeth, it means bacteria can start to enter these pockets and attack the sensitive parts of our teeth. Initial cavities may be hard to notice by patients as there may not be any associated pain, and as a rule of thumb, by the time you start to feel pain your dental problem may of moved onto a more complicated stage (but early warning signs can be spotted by dentists).

With a root canal we will enter your tooth to clear out the decay and then use a root filling to prevent any further infection. Root canals can be a lengthy procedure and the estimated time of the procedure will be dependent on your own individual case and the severity of the decay.

How Can I Prevent Needing a Root Canal?

It is very important that you have a good oral hygiene habit to stop the build up of bacteria and plaque on your teeth. By thoroughly cleaning your teeth you will reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and cavities. Even though this won't completely eliminate the chance this can happen, it will improve your overall dental health and will mean you are less likely to have dental problems.

It is recommended you visit your dentist at least twice a year (your dentist may recommend further visits dependent on your dental health), so we can check the health of your mouth and also spot any potential problems with your teeth/gums. The dental check up forms an important part of your overall dental care and can help to prevent dental problems progressing.

Should i Have a Root Canal or Extraction?

We always strive to save natural teeth in the first instances. Depending how severe your tooth is, it might not be savable and then a dental extraction may be required as a last resort (we will discuss with you what this will mean going forward).

Will a Root Canal Hurt?

We will always numb the area we are treating before starting. Because it will be by the nerve of the tooth it is to be expected there will be some slight discomfort. Our dentists will work at a slow pace and ensure that you are happy throughout the procedure and to make sure it is as pain free as possible.

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