Breaking your denture is a very difficult time for anyone. We can take our teeth (false) for granted and when something happens to them, we will want them repaired as quickly as possible.

How To Store Broken Dentures

As soon as you break your dentures it is important to keep them moist to stop further damage from occurring (if dentures dry out they can become warped and won’t fit). We recommend collecting the pieces of your dentures and storing in a glass of water to keep them moist.

Can All Dentures Be Repaired?

Unfortunately sometimes the damage will be too great to save your denture. If your denture shatters into many small pieces, it cannot be saved. If your denture snaps into two pieces and the break is clean, then it may be a simple repair.

If your denture has been accidentally broken please do not hesitate to call us and arrange a time to bring it in. We work with local dental technicians who can repair them at their dental lab. We always aim for speedy repairs as we know being without your dentures can be difficult.

Dental Assessment

In the worst case scenario and your denture cannot be saved, we can discuss with you your alternative options in getting new dentures. We always aim to save your dentures in the first instance but will be completely transparent with your options. Call us today to book your dental assessment.

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