Denture relines are used on dentures when they may not fitting as well as they once were. When dentures are initially made, they are made to fit perfectly for your mouths at that exact point in time. When we have lost our natural teeth, we start to suffer from what is known as bone resorption, which is when our jaw bone and gums start to fade away over time.

How fast this occurs will vary from patent to patient. So if you imagine the bone that is supporting the denture in place has changed, this is what is causing your denture to feel ill fitting and it can also be uncomfortable. We advise you call up and book an appointment with one of our dental professionals so they can assess the fit of your denture and determine if a reline is required and also possible (older dentures may not be able to have a reline).

Soft Reline

A soft reline can be carried out in the practice and is ideal if you are suffering with sores spots or tender gums. We see these types of issues in patients who have a flatter lower ridge which makes the retention of the denture poorer. This method of relining will place a soft cushion like material on the inside of the denture to allow for a more comfortable fit in your mouth.

We recommended that every 1-2 years to have the soft material replaced to ensure your dentures remain as comfortable and functional as possible.

Hard Reline

A hard reline would need to be sent to the dental laboratory we work with. This is required in cases where we would need to improve the stability and fit of your denture. We would take new impressions of your mouth and this would be sent with your current denture to the dental laboratory.

If you are not quite happy with your dentures and would like one of our dentists to take a look, please call us today to book your dental appointment.

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