Are you scared to go visit your dentist?

Don’t worry, your not alone and we understand visiting us may not be top of your list.

We promise we are not scary and we will look after you as if you were a member of our family.

Our dentists and dental professionals are highly trained and carry themselves in a professional manner at all times. We will always greet you with a smile and ensure every minute of your visit will be nice, calm and relaxing.

Here is some of our friendly team waiting to greet you

Please let our team know when booking in if you are nervous and we will work at a slower pace to help you overcome your fears.

Pain Free Injections

We are finding it very common that the root cause for dental fear is often down to a previously bad experience, especially relating to the injections. To minimise any discomfort experienced during treatments, we use a local anesthetic to numb the area we are treating. The trick to getting a pain free injection is to slowly administer it into the gums, and we emphasize on the slow part. Using a careful, structured and controlled approach to this important part of dentistry, we can make you more comfortable and relaxed. Getting over a fear will not happen overnight, and it will more than likely take a couple of visits to the dentist before you are perfectly comfortable with the whole experience.

But we understand this and appreciate every patient we see is different and will come on at different speeds. We are approachable and open to your questions and urge you to reach out to a member of the team.

Our practice ethos is to treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve and to understand your fears relating to dentistry.

If you are worried about any forms of dental treatments please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to talk you through any questions you may have and how we can make your visits as smooth as possible.

Opening Hours

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