Immediate dentures are a type of denture that can be immediately fitted after you have had your teeth extracted.

This is often a preferred choice of patients who are unfortunately having to have multiple teeth removed and wants to have an immediate solution fitted for them.

Immediate dentures can be made as either a partial or complete denture depending on the patients own circumstances. Its important to understand that after we have teeth extracted our mouths will undergo changes as our mouths will need to heal (gum shrinkage, swelling, tooth movement etc).

To help minimise these changes, an immediate denture can be benefical and help act as a sort of bandage for your mouth.

What Are The Benefits of an Immediate Denture?

The main benefits to having an immediate denture include:

  • Helps to control the bleeding and acts as a bandage to the extraction sites
  • You will leave after the extractions with a complete smile
  • An immediate denture will stop any facial distortion (caused by extractions)
  • You will adjust quicker to talking (missing teeth can have an impact on speech)

How Are Immediate Dentures Made?

The biggest difference between an immediate denture and a conventional denture is that the impressions of your mouth are taken of the teeth before they are extracted. The dental laboratory will then use these impressions to simulate the dental extraction procedure, which is then used to create your new immediate denture.

With immediate dentures it is to be expected that their will be a certain level of adjustments required after the initial fit. This is partly to do with the fact that the simulation of the extraction procedure will not be 100% accurate and our mouths will still go through certain changes and this would be impossible to predict. A denture reline is often required to adjust your new denture to ensure it has adapted to the changes in your mouth. A reline adjusts the base of your denture to fit your gum ridges perfectly.

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If you unfortunately need to have several teeth extracted then you may be considering an immediate denture. We recommend booking a dental assessment with one of our dental professionals who can explore all the suitable options for you.

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