MJ Warren – September 17 Newsletter

//MJ Warren – September 17 Newsletter

Welcome to our September Newsletter

We would like to start by thanking all of our lovely patients for the generous comments, feedback and reviews of your positive experiences here at M J Warren Dental Practice. We love hearing about your experiences as this allows us to improve our services to you! If you would like to leave us a review, click on the links at the bottom of the newsletter and tell us how we are doing!

We would like to share this beautiful poem one of our patients wrote about M J Warren Dental Practice. It really touched our hearts!

A small change can make a big difference!
Sugar free September is all about encouraging everyone to cut, not quit their sugar intake. A simple sugar swap can have a positive impact on your oral health and make you feel better too!

Your first step is to eat fewer foods high in calories, fat, salt and sugars and swap them for something healthier like fruit and vegetables. Cordial and fizzy drinks can be swapped for cordial with no added sugar or water. Why don’t you have a go!

Following last months news letter on teeth whitening, there has recently been an article on BBC news making people aware that some beauty salons are continuing to provide illegal teeth whitening despite being prosecuted by regulators. Here at M J Warren Dental Practice we would like to reassure all of our patients the products we use are 100% legal, safe and have great results!
Looking ahead to next month….
Are you thinking about cutting down or quitting smoking? The October annual event is the perfect time to give it a go! We understand that quitting is not something that everyone wants to do right now so we will never lecture you or make you feel guilty for your choices. 


Did you know that smoking can lead to dental problems, including bad breath, tooth discoloration, increased risk of developing gum disease, a leading cause of tooth loss and you have an increased risk of developing oral cancer.
If stopping smoking is something that has been on your mind for a while, or you are looking to make a healthy life style change then we fully support this and what better time to quit than doing it with the help of the nation!

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