Why Should You Visit The Dentist?

//Why Should You Visit The Dentist?

This really is the old age question. Why should you visit your dentist and how important is it really?

The easiest way to explain this, is by looking at your teeth as if they were a car. When we buy a car, we know the importance of having a regular service. The best case scenario is we turn up, the car passes every tick box and doesn’t require any further work and it doesn’t hit our pockets as much.

By looking after our cars in between each service, we will increase the likelihood that there is minimal work needed at each service.

The more we use our car, the more it will suffer from wear and tear and potentially needing tyres replacing, windscreen wipers etc. This couldn’t be more truer with our teeth and our mouths. Our teeth will come into contact with a lot of bacteria that can actively attack the health of our teeth. Practicing a healthy oral hygiene routine will help to maintain and protect your teeth for longer, and will reduce the likelihood of further treatment being identified at your 6 monthly check up. Patients who suffer from TMD (or bruxism) will be more likely to experience tooth wear quicker than other patients, and as a result, more treatment will be required in the long run.

Preventative Dentistry

We are firm believers of preventing dental problems through educating our patients on the long term benefits of effectively brushing our teeth. Also by seeing our patients for their 6 monthly check ups, we can spot any potential warning signs that develop into more complex dental issues.

We see a lot of patients who suffer with tooth wear. This is quite often linked to patient who experience a high level of parafunctional activity (grinding/clenching of their teeth) – bruxism (TMD). Parafunction is the term used to describe a function that falls outside the normal realm of use. So patients who clench/grind their teeth, often do this while they are sleeping, and it is also quite common to occur during the day without the patient being aware they are doing so.

By spotting these early signs of tooth wear, we can offer treatments to help counteract the effects of grinding/clenching your teeth and to help reduce the tooth wear. If left untreated, in the most severe cases you can completely grind your teeth down which can lead to expensive restorative bills to give you your smile back.

Other areas which can also be picked up with our regular check ups are the signs of gum disease. This is again detrimental if left untreated as in the worst case scenario, you can potentially lose all of your teeth and it can reduce the likelihood of having dental implants as your tooth replacement choice (because of bone loss).

Dental cavities are very common to also spot. When cavities first appear, you won’t always experience pain. When your tooth start to hurt, this indicates that the problem is progressing and it can lead to more treatment being required (if the decay has progressed, potential root canals). Its important to not just go to dentists when you feel pain, but also for your regular checks ups. At these check ups, we can spot cavities and treat them with fillings before the pain starts to occur.

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help you to lower your dental bills in the long run.

We Are Taking On New Patients

If you are looking for a new dentist to help look after your teeth, we are accepting new NHS patients and private patients. Call us today to book your first dental assessment and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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