Why Should I Get Dental Veneers?

//Why Should I Get Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are a great way to cosmetically enhance your smile. The main reason we see patients exploring this option is because they are unhappy with a certain aspect of their teeth or smile. Most common reasons:

  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Chips/cracks
  • Uneven smiles

How Do Veneers Work?

The easiest way to understand veneers is to look at them as if they were fake finger nails but for your teeth. There are two main materials used when making veneers, composite and porcelain.

Composite is the cheaper of the material and can be used for more temporary enhancements that wont last as long. Porcelain is a more durable and stronger material that can enhance your smile much longer.

We will first prepare your teeth, which requires us to file down bits of your natural tooth structure. This is not reversible, so we always discuss what this means prior to beginining treatment to ensure you are happy. When your teeth are prepared, we then use a dental bond agent to secure your veneer on to the surface of your teeth. One of the main benefits of the porcelain material is that because it is stronger, the veneers can be made thinner and less filing will be required.

How Many Veneers Are Needed?

Everyone is different and this will depend on how many teeth are naturally visible when you smile. More broader smiles will require more veneers to complete the desired result. We always recommend if you are getting veneers that you do so for the full complete smile. The reason being, if you only veneered the central teeth, it can look quite strange next to your natural teeth and can draw attention to them for all the wrong reasons. We believe in creating beautiful smiles that are symmetrical and even.

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