Microabrasion is becoming a more popular technique to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile. It is effectively used on patients who are unhappy with the yellow/brown/white stains, and is a relatively quick and painless procedure.

How Does Microabrasion Work?

We will use a mixture of a dental tool called a pumice and hydrochloric acid to remove thin layers of the tooth’s enamel (removing the stains in the process). The procedure is fairly straight forward, a rubber dam will be used to isolate the teeth being treated (this protects the gums). The microabrasion materials will then be gently rubbed on the afflicted area. After a few layers are removed, we will rinse off the material and reassess the results. This procedure may be repeated if any of the stain remains (and they are not too deep).

Is Microabrasion Safe?

In short, Yes. It is classed as a conservative treatment when it comes to tackling stains on the teeth. Because it is conservative, there will only be a minimal amount of enamel surface removed, and for tougher and deeper stains, it may not completely remove the stain, but instead blur it. This is very much a cosmetic treatment, so they staining may be unpleasant, but it won’t cause any issues to the health of the patient. If you were still unhappy with the results, another option could be to look at rehabilitating the tooth with a white filling that matches the shade of the tooth.

Why Would I Need Microabrasion?

The most common types of complaints that are treated, are patients who have suffered from fluorosis. This is very strongly linked with when our adult teeth are forming and what contact we have with fluoride as children. Too much fluoride as a child leads to this condition, and its important we monitor childrens brushing habits, ensuring they are keeping their teeth clean, but not using too much tooth paste at the same time (good article on how much to use).

Fluorosis leaves stains on our teeth that can look like white patches. If you have teeth whitening it will improve the overall aesthetics of your smile, but it can make these white patches stand out more. Having microabrasion before whitening can help to eliminate this staining, and make the whitening effects much better.

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With any cosmetic treatment its important to have your teeth assessed by a dental professional. Firstly to check your teeth and gums are healthy, and secondly to see which options are suitable for you. Creating a beautiful smile is like a piece of art. There can be many different approaches to get you to your dream smile, and your dentist (the artist) will work with you to get you there.

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