Tips To Prevent Toothache

//Tips To Prevent Toothache

Tip 1: Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. This is an obvious one, but it can be quite easy to become lazy with our brushing habits, often missing the end of day brush before bed. Our mouths and teeth will come in to contact with a lot of bacteria on a daily basis. The longer the bacteria is left on our teeth, the higher the chance it starts to form into plaque and actively attack the enamel of our teeth. If you drink and eat a lot of sugary items, then it is even more important for you to brush your teeth more regularly. Sugar is like a food for the bacteria and makes it more acidic and corrosive for our teeth.

We recommend a minimum of brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes per session and our dental professionals will be more than happy to offer you advice on best practices.

Tip 2: Floss Daily

We understand flossing can be a major pain to do every day, but the benefits far out weigh the time it takes to do this each day. Flossing gets the surfaces of your teeth that you are unable to clean with your brush. By not flossing you are allowing bacteria and plaque to form which will attack your teeth and potentially lead to cavities. Flossing is part of a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Tip 3: Use a Mouthwash

Use a mouth wash daily (but not straight after brushing your teeth). If you do use it after brushing, it will wash off the fluoride from your tooth paste and will undermine what you just did with your brushing. We recommend using them at another time in the day so you can double up on your protection. Using a fluoride mouthwash can help to prevent tooth decay.

Tip 4: Visit Your Dentist

Conventional cleaning at home is a must. Without it, you wouldn’t have any teeth left. But even if your not having any problems, it is very important to still attend for your 6 month check ups. We will be able to ensure your mouth is healthy and to spot any potential warning signs which may lead to further complications down the line. We are there to help you.

Tip 5: Make Time For Your Dental Health

Our lives can be pretty hectic at times, and you may rush your daily oral hygiene habit. Take a step back and have a think about how important your teeth really are to you. Without teeth it can make all aspects of our life more difficult. How we feel about our teeth and confidence can have a direct correlation. So looking after your teeth and feeling better about them, can help in social and business situations.

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