Interdental brushes are a great product at cleaning those tough to reach spaces between our teeth. Using toothbrushes will only be able to effectively clean the front and back surfaces of our teeth, which will leave bacteria untouched in those gaps. Bacteria that is left will attack the gums and teeth and overtime this can lead to further complications such as cavities and also gum disease (common warning signs being bleeding when brushing).

Interdental Brushing Techniques

Interdental brushes come in a variety of sizes as gaps between our teeth will vary. Never force the brush into a gap, but select one that you can easily move back and forth to clean that space. You don’t need to brush hard, just work it gently between all the gaps. As well as your regular brushing, it is recommended to do this daily as well (as bacteria will enter these pockets of space).

Interdental brushes Vs Flossing

Flossing is very effective at cleaning these spaces as well but there is a thin line between a good floss and being too thorough, which can lead to injury as the thread cuts into the gum. Also, dental floss is really only effective on the front teeth as all the other teeth have an anatomical shape which makes it difficult to get the floss into the correct places. With interdental brushes they are becoming more advanced, smaller and stronger which allows you to effectively clean all the gaps of your teeth. Our hygienists are not only here to give your mouths a thorough professional clean, but also to help educate our patients on best oral hygiene practices. We will be more than happy to help with your brushing techniques and how to use these interdental brushes as effective as they can be.

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