There has always been a negative stigma associated with going to the dentist, and in some cases this has caused patients to not visit a dentist in many years.

At our practice we are big advocates at helping our patients overcome the fear of the dentist by being friendly, caring, professional and understanding. The sights and smells of a dental practice can be unfamiliar which may trigger an underlying emotive response which was linked to a bad experience in your childhood. If you are worried about anything, please do not hesitate to let our friendly team know. They are trained to help nervous patients and can help introduce you to dentistry at a slower speed to meet your needs.

Modern Dentistry

A lot of dental phobias can often be caused by one bad visit as a child. With modern day dentistry, fear has no place in a dental practice. We are now better equipped with modern techniques and equipment to give a truly pain free experience. Its important to bring your children along as soon as they have their teeth come through, so we can keep an eye on their dental health, as well as start their dental confidence at a young age.

Child Friendly Dentistry

Children are inherently more braver at a young age as they have no concept of the unknown. But, if their parent shows signs of fear it can often lead to themselves developing a similar fear. Your teeth will play an important part in your life and they will be the best set of teeth that you will ever get. Children who grow up with the experience of regular visits to the dentist will become more accustomed to these appointments and it will help stop any fear from starting.

If you or a member of your family are scared of the dentist but would like help overcoming this fear, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the team and we will work out a way to overcome your fear.

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