As tooth decay starts to set in, our teeth can visibly start to deteriorate over a period of time. Bacteria and plaque left on teeth gets progressively worse when left untreated. This is because bacteria actively attacks the enamel of our teeth which will eventually cause caries (cavities).

The best way to fight the effects of tooth decay is to start at home by practicing a healthy oral hygiene routine. Cleaning our teeth plays an important role in ensuring you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. Every day our mouths will come into contact with many different types of bacteria which will all cause adverse effects to our oral health if we don’t take proactive action. Flossing our teeth is also important as it will reach the spaces in between our teeth which brushes cannot reach (tepee brushes are also a useful tool).

Unfortunately, conventional brushing will not always tackle the toughest build up of plaque and this is why we recommend visiting the dental hygienist every 6 months for a scale & polish. Using our professional dental tools we can remove the plaque deposits (and tartar) from your teeth to help improve your overall dental health.

How Will a Dentist Help My Teeth?

Tooth decay and cavities go hand in hand. The more severe decay you suffer with, the more treatment you will require to achieve dental health again. The sooner you are seen by the dentist, the better, as we will be able to treat you before things get progressively worse. The reason why we fill teeth is to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth and causing dental pain. Pain is often one of the last signs that your having a dental problem – and we can often spot the early warning signs to prevent this pain from occurring (at regular dental check ups).

In one of the worst case scenarios, the bacteria has entered a tooth and started to attack the nerve (pulp), causing dental pain. To save the tooth we would need to perform a root canal to clear the tooth out from the bacteria and then a root filling to plug up the hole. If the tooth is not savable, it may be that we have to extract your tooth.

We always try to save our patients teeth and to educate them on the best practices for looking after their teeth while they are at home. For any dental related queries or to book your dental appointment, please do not hesitate to call us today.

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