Dental Bridges Vs Crowns

//Dental Bridges Vs Crowns

Both bridges and crowns are options to replace missing teeth. Unlike dentures, they are fixed by being cemented to existing teeth or secured in place by dental implants.

How Are Bridges and Crowns Different?

Depending on what teeth you have missing will determine which option is the most suitable for you. Crowns have a number of uses:

  • Strengthen a weak tooth
  • Replace a large filling if there isn’t enough tooth remaining
  • Cover a previously root filled tooth
  • Used to attach a bridge
  • Fixed onto a dental implant (replace missing tooth)
  • Cover a poorly shaped tooth or discoloured tooth

Bridges are effectively used to bridge a gap in your mouth, and they utilize crowns on the adjacent existing teeth to fix the bridge in place.

Bridge/Crown Scenarios

This is very much dependent on your own individual circumstances, but hypothetically, these are the sort of scenarios that may lead you to having crowns or bridges:

You have a tooth which has fractured, and has partially fallen off. A filling is not an option as there isn’t enough tooth left. We use crowns to cover fractured teeth which will help to strengthen the tooth and protect it from bacteria entering the tooth (which can lead to further complications). Its not completely uncommon for a patient to have multiple crowns in their mouth due to multiple teeth having issues.

You have lost a tooth, but it is surrounded by two healthy teeth. The teeth surrounding the gap will be prepared and fitted with crowns. A bridge will then be used to bridge that gap and is secured in place by those adjacent teeth with crowns.

In some instances, you may lose a tooth but it only has one tooth adjacent to it, instead of two. There is a type of bridge called the cantilever bridge. This can be fixed to a singular tooth to be held in place.

One of your teeth has fallen out and you have opted to have dental implants to secure your new tooth in place. A crown is fixed on to your implant and will act as your new tooth. Please note, implants can also be used to secure bridges in place.

Book Your Dental Assessment

As you can see there are many different options available and it really depends on your own individual circumstances. So we can offer you an accurate treatment plan, please do not hesitate to call us and book your dental assessment.

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