Are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?

//Are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?

Dentures has been one of the longest standing and traditional methods for treating patients who have lost their teeth (from partially to full sets of missing teeth).

However, dental implants has been gaining traction over the years as the gold standard method when it comes to getting new teeth.

The main difference between the two treatments, dentures are a removable option that are made to fit the bone gum ridges of your mouths. Where as dental implants are placed into the jaw bone and will securely hold your new teeth in place. This does mean that the costs between the both can vary quite drastically, with dentures being on the lower end of the spectrum and implants on the higher.

Are Dentures Uncomfortable?

There has always been an overshadowing negative stigma associated with dentures and how comfortable they will be. With modern advances in technology we are able to make better tooth replacement options that not only function better as replacement teeth, but are also made to accurately fit your mouths comfortably. Its important when making dentures that careful impressions are taken and at each visit we make further adjustments to get your new denture fitting well. When we have got to the final stage of the denture and you are happy with it, your denture will perform and look how you would like it to. Our mouths will constantly change over time (bone resorption) and this may mean that at a future date you may require a denture reline to get to that ideal comfortable stage again.

What Are The Main Benefits of Dental Implants?

When you have implants they will offer:

  • Secure teeth replacement
  • Promotes healthy bone growth
  • Stabilise dentures
  • The next best thing to natural teeth

Not everyone will be suitable for dental implants and if you have certain conditions (such as gum disease), these will need to be treated prior to going down the implant route. Also lifestyle factors such as smoking can mean you are not suitable (as smoking can cause implants to fail).

We are able to offer dental implants at our sister practice.

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